Saturday, January 20, 2007

The end (of my belly button) is near.

OMG! Breaking news. Urgent alert. Calling all cars. My belly button is about to burst forth.

If there's one thing about pregnancy that grosses me out more than anything else it's belly buttons popping out. Having a belly button which resembles the grand canyon non pregnant I figured I was safe.

I made it 40w6d with Liam without popping out. But oh it was flat. And sensitive. And nastified.

I just looked in the mirror and gasped in horror.

Oh the end. The end is NEAR!!!!

I really wanted to label this all fancified but it seems my ability to utilize paint today is none. Instead please look at the damn near life sized picture of my belly button. (Enjoy the ape hair belly I have just during pregnancy, the stretch marks from Liam, and the general up close and personalness that only a blog can give you!)

Oh yes, and I hope you enjoy the glow in the dark (lack of) pigment. Cod when I say I'm white I'm not kidding kids.

If you'll notice at the bottom there is a mole. This mole normally resides in the inside of my belly button. If you'll notice on the top of the picture two discolored pinkish spots? Those were where my belly ring resided (once upon a time when I was young and thin) note...the bottom one was deep inside my belly button. The top one was on the very edge of the outside.

And if you're looking super close there is a faint discoloration in a circle just blow the mole and just above the first pinkish splotch. That is the indicator of where the INSIDE of my belly button used to start.

Do we SEE how far its gone?

Literally? There is nothing left to poke in. Before I could poke an entire finger tip in without hitting the end. I can see the bottom of my belly button w/o any manipulation. I still have up to 12 weeks ahead of me people.

I don't think my belly button is going to make it.

OMFG I will absolutely lose it if it pops out. *shudders* GAAAAAAAH!

And thus concludes another useless Saturday posting. (man I really. really. really. wish my son would nap so I could stop discovering shit like this and posting it. *sigh*)



Kellie said...

Okay...I'm not a freak or a stalker..I just check blogs A LOT!! Yet again...I SO know how you feel about the belly button. I despise them on a good day and while I was pregnant, the fear of the button popping like a timer thing on a turkey...FREAKED me out!! Luckily, I have a scar from a fairly recent surgery in my button and it kept the button from popping. Flattened right out...but, no popping!! As cute as pregnant bellies are, I shudder when I see the "timer" sticking out from beneath their shirts...yak :)

velocibadgergirl said...

EEK! I have a pretty deep innie with a belly button ring (not that I have the stomach to show it off these days), and I'm perturbed at the thought of it turning so far inside out that the inner part of the piercing is on the outside! Does that feel as funky as it seems like it must?

Creamy Silver said...

Well, HI. Hey There. Hello.

Why do I feel like I owe you dinner now?

Paybacks are a bitch you know. What do you want? Incision scars or ripped out earlobe? Viewers Choice!

M said...

Incision all the way. It can be a bunch of belly blogs! WOOT!

And dude. Seriously it feels even GROSSER than you'd think. I suddenly understand why they say uncirc'd men enjoy sex more because skin that isn't used to being touch by clothes is REALLY sensitive. Though my belly button isn't sensitive in a sexual way. Just a really fucking annoying creepy bug crawling on me way. Yuck.

velocibadgergirl said...

I think you should start plastering cartoon-character band-aids across your belly button to protect it and make it look more stylish. ;)

Emma in Canada said...

Popped up belly buttons freak me out too. I think if I had gone another day with Sophie mine would have popped. As it was, it waited until after she was born and now the top half is sort of out. I hate it, can't stand to look at it or touch it.

Oh, and the pregnancy belly hair...I used to sit on the toilet and pluck it.

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