Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Suggestions needed regarding autism walk

So. We've decided to do the July Walk now for Autism Walk in Tacoma. We were originally going to do the Seattle one in October as part of Liam's birthday celebration but I'd like to keep it a bit more low stress. It's still a 5K walk. But it's closer to home. Much less people than the other one. And better chance of decent weather (though hopefully not hot weather. ugh.)

What I need YOUR help with is coming up with some snazzy team name. I intend to recruit the living crap out of people around me to walk for Liam and I think having a team name would be fantastic (a team shirt concept perhaps too though the likelihood of that happening is less likely than the team name though it's always possible). Oh, and did I mention I want all of blog kind to mosey up here to walk with us? You're all invited. :) Free cake for all!

I really need a team name. I have NOTHING. Team Liam is lame. There are all kind of Liam nicknames that lend itself but no inspiration. Bot. Monkey. His initials are WXY. Team Hunky Chunky Monkey just sounds WRONG though (which is as close to an 'idea' as I've come). Our last name is a lame team name as well. I dunno. I just need a cool team name. Or some kind of abbreviation for something fabulous (like DAN dr is "Defeat Autism Now" drs. Cool, no?)

So yeah. Creative internets. Help me out. I'm hoping to have all my ducks in order to get my team started by April 1st. That gives me WAY more than enough time. Probably too much time but whatever.

Remember. Cake. Cake is involved. Hey. If I go with your idea maybe I'll even SEND you cake! (Or Jen's buttercream icing recipe at least. lol.)



Anonymous said...

People will think it works cause yeti is another name for bigfoot, and this is the bigfoot capitol, and Liam loves Yeti, Yeti yeti YETI!!!!!!!!!!!-Brenda

Tamsyn said...


Suzie said...

How about the Mail men. That's Liam spelled backwards, Can I have some cake now please?

Rachel said...

Well, you have requested help from creative internets and I do not qualify! I'm lucky I was able to name my kids!

Betsey Booms said...

Bot's Autism Destroyer's.


Danulai said...

Maybe you could do name that's a parody of one of the TV shows Liam likes, like the Backyardigans? Like the Walkroundigans, and if you have a t-shirt you could put one of the characters on it? I'm completely ignorant about kids' TV so I'm not much help :)

queenrandom said...

Crabmaster G and the Bot Boosters

Anonymous said...

ok, yeti sounds lame-o now, I vote for Bot autism destroyers!! it is friggin great and Korbin say bot! too, over and over, we have no idea what it means.-Brenda