Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mexi mexi nuggets!

Okay so Liam? Is a bigger rockstar than I thought. By the time we left the mall he, and his "PO! TA! TOOOOOOOE!" yelling self had eaten an entire small sized box of mexi nuggets! My son? Is amazing.

Oh, and for those of you not in the know? Mexi nuggets (who, according to the website are official called mexi FRIES now. okay. whatever.) are basically deep fried tator tots. They might have three sprinkles of seasoning salt on them or something. Cod knows. They come from my fave fast food mexican food when you don't want REAL mexican you just was fried. mmmmmmm.

I brought him home and gave him alphabet tator tots without success. Though he did touch them and yell out their names and act generally delightful and fabulous and brilliant and terrific about them.

Fear not! Come Friday I'm buying the monster pack of tator tots from Sam's Club. Of course we know how my son is about home baked food and this will probably not work HOWEVER this is something all our fat asses enjoy.

And worst case scenerio me and my $2 a box which will feed him 2 meals is SO going to line up at taco time. DUDE! He ate a TATOR TOT!!!

Also important? Yesterday was his first day of extended day school. He now goes 9-2 four days a week and 9-12 once. He? Did not nap ALL DAY LONG. And? He kicked ass. AND? He ate his ENTIRE lunch. Which was veggie booty (yes, he's eating THAT again too!), graham sticks, and kix.

I packed way more than I expected him to eat figuring he'd refuse lots of it. No no. He ate it all! Today he gets the same except the sticks are replaced with animals. Can't wait to go shopping this weekend!

Holy shit i pack my son a LUNCH!

Although I did have to take a pic that made me twitch. A: U IS NOT A WORD (oh dx I miss thee. Though did all of you see codexed is up in beta form? I did sign up there though not doing a damn thing yet. We'll see if I end up back over there eventually. Oh it's dx with some tweeks. *swoon*) B: NEITHER IS R

I should boycott these fuckers just because of that. But they were cheap.

Now I have like 20 minutes to get Liam out the door. Already made lunch(!) but he has a shit diaper and clothes to put on. AND it appears I have some plans! YEAH homies!



Erin said...

I didn't know that codexed was up and running. Hmm...I might need to play there a bit. I still miss Diary-x. :(

~*amber*~ said...

Oh, well it is good to know what a mexi-nugget/fry is. We don't have a Taco Time here, the only fast food option for mexican we have is Taco Hell. Blech!

My kids love those alphabet tater tots. I can't stand tater tots; something about the texture all mooshed together.

That is awesome that he ate all his lunch and is doing full day school. I am sure he is loving it.

I have friends that will text me in that R, U, CYA, language, it bothers me too. :)

Heather said...

Hmm now your making me hungry!!
Congrats on his school and packing a lunch. I cant even imagine either so great job!

Kelly said...

glad Liam is eating good. or at least eating! I want to try mexi-nuggets/fries, whatever the hell they are called. I'm hungry.
Hey, I wrote you an email. my boys are sick, pretty bad for J.